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After 35 years in the same workspace, our Cardiff-based client was keen to create a more agile working environment that encourages movement, collaboration, interaction while also supporting focused working.

Our interior team transformed the office space through end-user engagement, space planning, furniture selection and specification.

Connecting workspaces and staff

After completion, the new workspace became more flexible and responsive, leading to positive changes in the way staff engaged with their work environment.

The office features earthy colours that create a calm and relaxing work environment. The design team worked closely with the client to integrate a diverse range of sample and donated materials and furniture pieces, creating an aspirational space while adhering to a constrained budget.

Finding focus

The workspace design includes the Quiet Room, created to provide a dedicated space for staff to engage in focused work, complete with a private phone booth for confidential calls. The design also incorporates acoustic screens to separate different areas and reduce noise levels, creating a peaceful environment.

Next to the Quiet Room is the Project Room, designed to encourage collaboration among staff. It features multiple workstations, including a casual lounge, a large collaborative table, desk spaces, and café-style seating.

In addition, the Meeting Room, positioned away from larger spaces, is an essential part of the workspace design to facilitate large meetings and discussions.

Shaking up the routine

The furniture is intentionally designed to allow for flexibility and mobility and can be reconfigured as and when needed. Staff can use moveable acoustic screens to create conversation areas that suit their needs. By making subtle adjustments, such as repositioning touch-down stools, the overall work environment can be significantly improved.

The new diverse environment has served as a successful test bed for the changes the client would like to make across their estate while creating a culture that aligns with the changing needs of employees.

A shared vision brings vocational learning to life