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AluK Headquarters




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Designed for AluK (GB) Limited, this circa 350,000ft² office and industrial workspace, located in the Newhouse Farm Industrial Estate in Chepstow, utilises and reconfigures an existing three-storey building and includes a new 520m² three-storey extension that houses a new double-height AluK Design Studio facility. ​

The development realised the ideal opportunity to deliver tailored, high-quality industrial and office premises precisely aligned with AluK’s requirements – to boost production capacity, support innovations in product design, showcase products and provide warehousing and office space. The reconfigured office design is a contemporary workspace fostering a stimulating environment conducive to new research and innovation.

Tailored layout

Encompassing more than 30,700m², the factory has modern open-plan production facilities and machinery, blending manual work and machine operation. The design created a contemporary and open environment, with high levels of natural light, ventilation.

The factory houses essential components such as the paint plant, water treatment plant, aluminium anodising plant, thermal break line and a state-of-the-art research and development facility.

Fostering collaboration and efficiency

The primary office workspaces are strategically distributed, with a welcoming reception, staff canteen, and meeting rooms on the ground floor. The upper floors feature a thoughtfully designed open-plan layout, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

Façade transformation

The office underwent a new façade treatment, designed to give the offices a sleek and elegant appearance, resembling a refined box seamlessly integrated with the existing factory.

The façade provides rhythmic proportions, high-quality materials, and precise detailing, providing a unique showcase for the products that AluK have to offer to their industry. The design enhances aesthetic appeal and communicates the commitment to quality and innovation that defines AluK’s product portfolio.

“We are overjoyed that our headquarters has won such a prestigious national award. We worked incredibly hard with Rio Architects to realise our vision. It is truly an honour to have all the time, investment, and effort of everyone involved recognised by Wales’ biggest business title. We would very much like to thank Rio Architects for a wonderful job on our new home. The award is certainly well deserved.”

Russell Yates

Managing Director, AluK (GB) Limited


Insider Wales Property Awards Best Workplace Design Winner 2018

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