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Sherwood Business Park




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Sherwood Business Park is a premier destination for businesses in Nottinghamshire, accommodating a series of mixed commercial units as part of an Enterprise Zone established in 1995.

The site sits on a prime location, attracting inward investment, accommodating business expansion and safeguarding jobs, aiding in Nottinghamshire’s economic growth.

The site is home to a range of office, industrial and warehouse buildings.

The 7-acre masterplan was formed by seamlessly blending the buildings and the space between them. Each building has access to its own usable outdoor area. We designed the site as a ‘campus’ by incorporating the buildings into the site boundary. The buildings use high-quality flat panels, glazing systems, metal roofs and facing brickwork, similar to those used on previous schemes within the development.

We carefully considered the surrounding landscape to mirror the character of the park and its high-quality landscaped setting, which promotes pedestrian linkages.

Taking advantage of a valley landscape