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Located at Sherwood Business Park, Mour (formerly Dakota) is a vibrant hotel chain that shares Rio’s passion for its work and dedication to excellent service. Its first hotel, in Nottingham, is an award-winning project with 92 beds.

With a range of amenities, including a lobby, bar and restaurant, gym, conference suites and elegant backdrops, the Hotel is a popular destination for a variety of guests.

“Rio’s enthusiasm and design rigour helped us realise our aspiration of creating a brand which is stylish, friendly and yet incredible value. It was refreshing to work with architects who shared our belief.”

Bruce Robertson

Former Operations Manager, Dakota Hotels

The striking steel-framed building features a mix of silicone jointed curtain walling and flat black metal panels.

The hotel is physically connected to a 46,000 square foot serviced office which Rio Architects also designed as part of a comprehensive campus development. The developers of the hotel and office recognised the benefits of combining the two buildings, especially in terms of sharing parking space and security resources.

The sleek, monolithic, black metal clad 6-storey hotel is positioned on the northern edge of the site to avoid overshadowing the rest of the complex. This location also provides scenic views of the densely wooded southern embankment.

The single-story section of the hotel, housing the bar, café, and brasserie, serves as a connecting element between the hotel and the office. This part extends into the office, reaching its central point and culminating in a striking triple-height meeting room feature on the eastern facade. This placement offers panoramic views of the existing balancing pond.

Inside contrasts the modern exterior with a blend of reclaimed brickwork, walnut panelling, and stylish, comfortable furniture.

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