• Client Tidal Lagoon Power

  • Type Workplace, Industrial

  • Location Swansea

Rio has developed conceptual ideas for the turbine manufacturing and pre-assembly plant (TMP) which will be the first building associated with this ground-breaking development. It will not only house the plant and equipment necessary to allow the turbine manufacturing contractor to undertake the final assembly and machining of turbine parts for the Swansea Bay Tidal lagoon Project but will also be Tidal Lagoon Power’s HQ.

The scale and mass of the building together with our proposed clean-lined approach to the facade create a contemporary building that reflects the birth of the clean renewable-energy industry in South Wales and is a symbol of regeneration and development.

Passivhaus principles are central to the proposals. High levels of thermal insulation and exemplary airtightness are applied across the whole building, minimising heat loss through the building envelope.