• Client Pobl Group

  • Type Residential

  • Location Swansea

One of the primary aims of the design strategy was to re-establish the streetscape of William Street and Madoc Place and create a strong urban corner at this important junction. The new building form and location will then create the opportunity for a secure south-facing external quiet area for the new residents at the heart of the development.

Vehicular traffic will be directed to the rear of the development, allowing a direct relationship between the building form and the street. To respond to the sometimes-playful nature of the local context, where colourful render is utilised on buildings, some windows on the new development will have subtle injections of colour.

The common corridor of the taller four-storey block is oversized to allow more social interaction between residents. To reinforce this, internal windows from some of the kitchens overlook this internal street and entrance doors have been recessed to give a degree of ownership to the area immediately outside the front door.

Brick was chosen rather than the more dominant render to ensure longevity in materials and a natural weathering. Traditional pitched slate roofs but with minimal detailing on verges/eaves mix the traditional with the contemporary.