• Client Pobl

  • Type Residential

  • Location Swansea

A private development scheme for 25 new build mixed tenure residential units including parking and amenity spaces at this key site within Swansea SA1’s Development Master plan. The prominent location overlooking one of Swansea’s major thoroughfares demanded a bold architectural language and a sensitive contextual analysis. A number of complex technical challenges including ground conditions, noise pollution and spatial constraints have been overcome to create a contemporary and sustainable environment which makes efficient use of space whilst providing for the demands of modern living standards.

The 0.5hec site, referred to as Plot E3B within the SA1 Development Master Plan, represents one of the final development opportunities along Langdon Road which itself has seen significant residential development in recent years.

The proposals for private for sale residential units comprise 16 three bed houses, 6 one bed apartments and 3 two bed FOG’s (Flats over Garages). The rectangular site is sandwiched between Langdon Road to the South and Fabien Way to the North, which is a primary thoroughfare into Swansea City Centre. A requirement of the local authority was that the design should positively address both of these roads whilst maintaining a community-focused environment at the heart of the site.

The three storey terraced houses at the front of the site form a robust elevation to the Langdon Road streetscape, whilst the FOG’s and apartments at the rear of the site overlook Langdon Way. Parking and amenity spaces are then located centrally in what has been conceived and designed as a Mews like environment. Roof terraces to the rear of the houses and large picture windows to the apartments and FOG’s animate this central space, and surface treatments enhance the accessibility and create a pedestrian hierarchy.

The site’s prominent location and importance to Swansea City Council’s vision for development in this area demanded extensive dialogue with the local planning authority and a sensitive, considered design approach. Materials have been selected to strengthen the streetscape already established by previous adjacent developments, and enhanced architectural treatment to windows and brickwork have fashioned a distinctive appearance.