• Client The Royal Mint

  • Type Public Buildings

  • Location Llantrisant

Although the main source of wonder on a trip to the Mint is, and always should be, the content of the exhibition, a building housing this world-class collection of coins and memorabilia should be a destination in itself. The quality and simplicity of the building design provide a perfect 'presentation box' for the treasures held within. 

The hexagonal patterning of the cladding continues into the building's spine in an abstract fashion with the pattern engraved into the angled stone walls. The spine provides a striking entrance as visitors are squeezed between the chamfered cheek walls beneath a rustic coloured sloping soffit which subsequently expands to form the building's main gathering space.

From the faceted entrance, visitors can access the light-filled café with floor-to-ceiling, south-facing curtain walling or enjoy the darker, atmospheric surroundings of the exhibition space. Visitors can also proceed via the exhibition space through the airport-style security into The Mint itself. Once through the stringent security, visitors enter the coin production room, experiencing the constant flow of newly-minted coins.

The Royal Mint Experience provides a new visual identity for The Royal Mint and hints from the roadside at the treasures held within. The simple and elegant form of the building belies the attention to detail, option testing and processes that were involved in creating this key visitor attraction.