• Client Crossmark Developments

  • Type Build-to-Rent Residential

  • Location Cardiff

The construction of Landore Court, a mixed-use development of three interconnecting blocks of 5, 7 and 16 storeys, is well underway in the centre of Cardiff with main contractor BECT Building Contractors Ltd.

The building, which will comprise of 152 build to rent (BtR) residential apartments continues the regeneration of the area and reinforces a language and quality of architecture heralded by its neighbour, Bridge Street Exchange and responds to the scale of the distinctive Victorian terrace housing on Charles Street.

Designing for Wellbeing

Addressing recent trends in hybrid working, we undertook a Home Working Viability study at an early design stage. We demonstrated that each of the 152 units can accommodate a workstation if required, and designed in over 1,400 sq ft of dedicated communal workspace (with ancillary tea point and WC), a meeting room for use by the building operator and tenants for work meetings in person or virtually.

The new addition to Cardiff’s transforming skyline will also offer its tenants over 1,200 sq ft of dedicated exercise space, a large common lounge which will include games areas, a common dining room, quiet reading room, and an accessible roof terrace featuring a quiet corner and a social area to support tenant wellbeing.

The provisions will encourage opportunities for tenants to form bonds and offer an overall sense of community, helping to counteract loneliness and isolation which is increasingly associated with inner city living.

Designing for Longevity

Sited in a conservation area, we addressed the challenge of creating a design that preserves the architectural and historic character of the setting, by ensuring the scheme presents a distinctive identity whilst responding to the materiality of the area, without trying to imitate the existing buildings which would be an inappropriate and pastiche approach.

We introduced deep brick reveals to the elevation facing Charles Street to create Victorian proportions and depth, yet provide a contemporary façade aesthetic. The use of expanded aluminium mesh within the brickwork will provide a visual link to the tower element as well as adding texture and relief. We anticipate successful visual cohesion with the surrounding historic setting and sympathy to the human scale. The incorporation of large picture windows will allow and active and transparent frontage at ground floor.

The lowest block, facing onto Charles Street continues the repetitive proportions and vertical expression of the adjacent terraces, whilst the taller tower element takes material cues from the adjacent Bridge Street Exchange.

Picking upon the successful use of aluminium cladding on Bridge Street Exchange and the integration of expanded mesh panels will create a complimentary language of architecture and synergy between the respective developments.

Visualisation and Interior Design

To aid in the client approval process, our team of visualisers created multiple CGI visualisations and photo realistic imagery to connect our clients to their vision and was integral to communicating the design intent regarding Landore Court.

From the early project stages, our clients had the opportunity to explore the design development process and see the full visual impact of the architectural and interior design. This allowed key stakeholders to easily understand the concepts and make decisions ultimately enabling the team to reach final design.