• Client Innovate Property

  • Type Workplace

  • Location North of England

The award-winning Green Office for Innovate Property is the highest BREEAM rated building to date, achieving a score of 87.55% and was used as the case study and an exemplar for BREEAM's "Outstanding" category.

The form of the building has emerged from the first principles of sustainability tempered by an appreciation of how the environment affects architecture both spatially and aesthetically. The building exemplifies what passive design can achieve by using orientation, exploitation of thermal mass, optimisation of plan depth and building section to maximise daylight and a super-insulated envelope.

Our client, Innovate Property challenged the design team to deliver a commercially viable green building. Taking 5 years to realise, the resultant 46,000ft² serviced office is 80% more efficient than comparable offices and has a carbon index of 22kg C02 /m²/annum (the equivalent of the yearly C02 produced by 16 houses).