• Client Melin

  • Type Residential

  • Location Blaenavon

The key objective of this project was to create a contemporary residential development which reflects the historic richness of Blaenavon and its designation as a World Heritage site. A traditional stepped terraced form has been adopted for Upper Hill Street with parking arranged to the rear. Behind this frontage, the terraces become more broken in an effort to better accommodate the requirements of modern living standards and provide parking to the sides and fronts of properties. This less rigid grain provides an opportunity to create unusual steps and corners which will begin to add interest and focus to the development.

The architecture of the dwellings reflects the two-storey terraced properties of the surrounding streets in a mix of render and brick. Windows are tall to bring large amounts of daylight to the interior and the downstairs living areas are dual fronted to maximise this light and interact with both the front streetscape and private gardens. Façades are contemporary in design and detailing kept simple. Streets have been orientated to maximise views to the mountains beyond Blaenavon and designed as shared spaces where pedestrian feel safe and vehicle speeds are kept low. Links through the site allow pedestrians to access the town and provide vibrant and active streets within the development.

Further terraced housing is arranged around a green square within the Western part of the site which reflects Blaenavon’s historic ‘Stack Square’ arrangement and will be a key focus for the development when approaching from both the East and West entrances.