• Client Bayscape

  • Type Residential

  • Location Cardiff Bay

This riverfront residential development is a bold and contemporary addition to the residential community of Cardiff Bay. The development is for 115 luxury apartments including one, two and three bedroom units, duplexes and penthouses as well as covered parking and retail facilities at ground floor level.

The project involved the creation of a new river-edge revetment and walkway which linked existing walkways either side of the site. A dry lagoon was created within the site as compensatory flood storage to mitigate the introduction of the new revetment walkway.

The building comprises of two slender blocks linked by a podium deck which provides a private communal garden area for residents above the car park, amenity spaces, retail and commercial units and overlooks the river and the Marina. Differing heights of various elements of the building allow rooftop terraces to the penthouses and duplexes, creating further intrigue and detail to the unusual forms. 

Each block has been conceived as two linear forms resting alongside one another, reminiscent of boats moored along a dock. Uniform dark cladding has been used as the predominant envelope material which enhances the quiet confidence of the design. Bright coloured cladding to one element of the building adds depth and contrast to the overall aspect.