To mark Huw's retirement, we rounded up 10 of his most prestigious projects over the last 20 years with Rio Architects. 

Cardiff University’s Bioscience Hub
Huw has approached architecture on the premise that the expression of the buildings should resonate with their function. Cardiff University’s Bioscience hub in Cathays is an example where the use of hexagonal structures are united to form typical molecular themes, reinforcing the connection between Bioscience and the architecture of the building. 

The University of South Wales
A highlight of Huw’s University work is the RIBA award-winning University of South Wales’ student union building, Trefforest. Awarded in recognition of how well the building accommodated the brief and the difficult terrain at the site.

Severn Quay
Huw’s involvement in the residential development sector, such as award-winning individual houses to master planning projects like Severn Quay, Chepstow leaves a legacy of housing that Rio can be proud of.

St Winefrides
St Winefrides is a mixture of apartments and townhouses whose design adopts a contextual but contemporary approach to the articulation of the elevations and the choice of materials that inform the language of the architecture. The master plan consciously integrated existing historic buildings into the fabric of the development. 

The Hub
Huw considers architecture to be a serious business that should also embrace humour. The re-cladding of the old post office building in Newport provided the opportunity to look at architecture and smile. The insertion of brightly coloured sea containers cantilevered from a façade clad in industrial wire mesh suspends disbelief and adds a welcome relief to an otherwise sober Newport skyline.

Luxurio, Bridge Street and White Rose View
Huw has been instrumental in delivering over 10,000 student beds across the UK, with projects in Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, Reading and more recently in Loughborough. Student accommodation architecture brings its own challenges that Huw considers pivotal on the sustainable benefits of dense urban development against the disappointing proliferation of prosaic monolithics that typify student accommodation blocks. He considers Rio’s Bridge Street project in Cardiff and the recently completed project in Loughborough strikes a difficult balance of sustainable density and the desire to create memorable architecture with a sense of place.

Central Quay and Landore Court
The complexion of development viability in Cities is seeing student accommodation projects morphing into Co-living, PRS and BTR opportunities. Rio has been fortunate to be at the vanguard of this transition, of which, Huw has been delighted to work on projects such as Landore Court and Central Quay, two projects in Cardiff that are at the forefront of this emerging residential model in the City.

Isle of Dogs
Over the last two years, Huw has led the 46 Storey high Co-living tower development on the Isle of Dogs in London for Olympian Homes. This exciting new typology sits in the transition zone between student accommodation and the BTR sector, providing an innovative, contemporary living solution that combines the components of traditional house shares with additional amenities, such as a gym or shared workspace. Suffice to say, Huw’s career with Rio has been diverse and rewarding and he is pleased to be leaving Rio on such a high.